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How to create a matrimonial website with WordPress

The process of finding a partner and marrying is painful and hectic. Especially South Asians and their diaspora know the pain of finding a partner. In a society, where marriage is for a lifetime, it’s a serious life decision. They have to consider their own needs as well as their parents’. Back then, all of this matchmaking used to be done by a person through word-of-mouth. With this method, the scope would be limited. A single matchmaker has limits to


How to successfully run a matrimonial website

The possibilities are endless when you start your matrimonial website but that does not mean the success is going to immediately roll in after you set it up.  We’ve listed out some of the few tips to help you successfully run your matrimonial website.  If you keep these points in mind and apply to your business, success in online matrimonial business is not difficult either.   Take some to research A plan without action and an action without plan both are